Gaetano GIUFFRE and Guiseppa PIRRONE

My great-grandparents, Gaetano and Giuseppa were married in Termini Imerese Sicily on 5-Jul-1879. They had 7 children. The first three children (Katie, Tony and Annie) were born in Sicily. It is believed that Gaetano then left to go to American on his own to work and make money to bring back to Sicily. He did return to Sicily and in 1888 brought his entire family back to Washington DC where they settled. Four more children were then born (Michael, Meanda, Maria and Austin). Michael was born about 2 months after they arrived from Sicily. Can you imagine having 3 small children and being in your last stage of pregnancy on a crowded boat to move to a new home in another country? I can't even begin to think how hard and scary that would have been. The immigrant population in Washington DC was starting to increase and many of the GIUFFRE and related families did follow. We do not know why they came to the United States but at the time many people were immigrating to the USA, Brazil and Australia in hopes of finding opportunity for a better life. Gaetano and Giuseppa did end up providing a very nice life for their family and their extended families.


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