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We are just beginning to post images of old maps, old and current photos of places, actual photo postcards and anything else we can find that may help a family researcher or may just spark a childhood memory.

If anyone would like to contribute, you may register on the site (for free!) and create a group from your profile to post images, files or anything you wish to possibly help another.

We are starting the map postings with scans of maps from old (mostly from over 100 years ago) Baedeker tour guides.  These are espcially useful if you wish to see a map of a specific area where ancestors may have resided.  Our first book is the

Southern Italy Handbook for Travelers by BAEDEKER (1893)

and we have many more to come.  If you wish to request a specific country, please post a note on your profile blog.  If we have anything that matches your request, we will put that at the top of the list for scanning.