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Founded 1901
Location 4402 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC
District Private 
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Washington School for Boys (Class of 1906)



  • A. Lawrence Hopkins (the first graduate of the School, and as of 1906 graduated in the class of 1905 at Harvard and is now working for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad in Pittsburgh, PA)


  • William E. Hooper (as of 1906 will graduate from Harvard this year and expects to enter business in New York City)


  • Hamilton Abert (as of 1906 at Yale: entered Sheffield Scientific School and now in business in New York City)
  • William Allen (as of 1906 at Yale: graduates this year at Sheffield Scientific School, having taken the course in chemistry)
  • John A. Sterrett (as of 1906 is a Junior at George Washington University)


  • Augustus C. Downing, Jr. (as of 1906 is in his Junior year at Sheffield Scientific School at Yale)
  • Roger W. Hooper (as of 1906 is studying in sheffield Scientific School at Yale with a view of preparing himself to become a hydraulic engineer)
  • J. Upshur Moorhead (as of 1906 is taking the scientific course at Yale)
  • Duncan C. Phillips (as of 1906 is a sophomore at Yale)
  • James L. Philips (as of 1906 is taking the academic course at Yale)
  • W. George Valentine (as of 1906 entered the University of California)


  • Ralph P. Allen (as of 1906 is taking the scientific course at at George Washington )
  • Felix Cole (as of 1906 at Univeristy of Wisconsin)
  • Newton K. Fox (as of 1906 is a freshman in the academic department of Princeton and is a member of the Triangle Club)
  • Cordova de Garmendia (as of 1906 is studying in New York City)
  • Oscar C. Portner (as of 1906 is in the Law School at George Washington)
  • Cooper (as of 1906, he passed his entrance examinations to Harvard but did not enter and is now engaged in business in Virginia)

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