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Class of 1884

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I'm not sure if there was an official yearbook, or if albums were made individually for each student or if this was simply a collection of each students pictures by an individual student. Students names in this class were as follows (these are listed alphabetically) and may have no relationship to order of pictures shown above as there were no names found on the individual pictures. If anyone can possibly match a name to a picture here, that would be greatly appreciated. The album states on cover page

"Property of H. D. Wood - contains Class of 1884 graduating from State Normal School at Mansfield PA, exepting Jenne Callender and H.D. Wood"

James Adams
Kate Barden (married Stevenson)
Minnie Bullock (married Kimball)
Ena Brundage
Harvey Burdick
Julia Byrne (married Lejenne)
Harry Corey
Emma Dana (married Johnson)
Andrew Dunsmore
Harl Espy
Andrew Evans
Thomas Evans
Ella Ewing (married Smyth)
Anna Gilmore (married Kilbourne)
Emma Hayden (married Stevens)
Andrew Hitchcock
Marie Hodgson (married Jennings)
Jennie Callender (married Wood)
Carrie Jagger (married Evans)
Cora James
Harry James
E. Jordon
Lou Kent (married Wilson)
Rachel Lain
Jennie Lee
Charles Lugg
Grace Lung (married Hitchcock)
John McCawley
Edwin McClay
Maggie McDade (married Shaw)
Kate Mitchell
Edward Moore
William Owen
Nora Raker
Eleanor Rew (married Smith)
Eva Sperry (married Borden)
Herbert Starnee
Lottie Stone (married Tucker)
John Stewart
Mary Thorne
Jennie Valentine (married Hayes)
William Valentine
Grace Wallace
Cora White (married Emerson)
Harvey Wood
Edgar Woodbury
Arthur Woodruff