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Stephen Basista and Anna Bendzala were married 18-June-1923 in Hastings Pennsylvania. 

Stephen is the son of Martin Bazista and Julianna Mraz.  He was born on 10-Dec-1901 and baptised on 15-Dec-1901 at the Holy Cross Church in Spangler, PA.  Sponsors were John Soltis and Mary Czernicky.  Martini Basista (also known as Martin Bazista born in Czecho Slovakia) and Julia Mraz (born in Czecho Slovakia) were married on 3-Oct-1900 at the Prince of Peace Church in Pennsylvania.  Witnesses were Joanni Czernick and Joannni Basista.  Both Martin and Juliana were born in Dravcze (I am not sure of the spelling) in Czekoslovakia.  At the age of one he was taken back to Europe and did not return to this country until he was 17 years of age.  He went to school in Europe and was able to read and write.  Up until the time of this return to United States, he worked on a farm which belonged to his father.  In this country he was a miner and from 1928-1932 he worked in the automobile factories in Detroit.  Stephan (Stefan on the passenger list)  sailed on the SS Adrianic from Southampton on 1-Dec-1910 to return to the United States.  Manifest shows that he spoke 'do', was from country 'co' and city of 'Dravce'.  Mother was Mrs. Basista from Dravce, Czecho Slovekia.

Anna is the daughter of John Bendzale and Catherine garcher.  She was born on 14-June-1905 and baptised on 18-Jun-1905 at the St. Bernard Catholic Church in Hastings PA.  Sponsors were Albert Messaros and Anna Rusnak.

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