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These pages were from a MEMORY BOOK that begins just around the time of WWI and ends just after WWII, from Ila Bost's high school days at Concord High School in North Carolina, to College at Cullowhee State Normal and then to Long School (in Concord, NC) where she became a teacher.
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Other names mentioned are:

Willey Johnson
Sallie Turnage
Mary Ruby
Davis Rachel Eaton
Rex Ramsey
Marge Stone
Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Adams (Cary NC)
Fanie Sue Rucher
Dorothy Williams
First Class Taught at Quin School
Iva Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Willie Furr (Jean Cochrane)
Faye Virginia Plott married to Hugh Blackwelder Jr.
Wedding invitation for Bertha Lee Beaver and Robert R. Cline (Concord, NC)
Wedding invitation for Ora Lee Gaddy and Doctor Samuel Claude Duncan (Cullowhee, NC)
Wedding invitation for Kathleen Sappenfield and Brice Biggers (Caffney, SC)
Wedding invitation for Mary Cox and Joseph William Beach (Hazelwood, NC)
Wedding invitation for Ethel Elaine Reagan and Richard Vardry McPhail (Weaverville, NC)
Wedding invitation for Helen Fox and William Suther (Concord, NC)
Wedding invitation for Madeline May McDonald and James B. Cheek (Lake City, FL)
Wedding invitation for Iris Lee Bost and James Maxton Elliott (Concord, NC)
Wedding invitation for Rosalyn Lorene Hartsell and Pliney Oscar Greene (Concord, NC)
Wedding invitation for Prudence Gay Edwards and John Turner Patterson (Concord, NC)
Wedding invitation for Linda Rose Widenhouse and James Robert Barbour III (Concord, NC)
Graduation announcement for Evelyn Lucile Goodman from Concord High School Class of 1927
Commencement announcement for Class of 1932 at Spencer High School
Wedding of Faye Virginia Plott and D. Hugh Blackwelder Jr.
Old Richmond College
25th Wedding Anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hovie Foil (Concord, NC)
Washington Lee High School (Class of 1959)
Epworth Methodist Church Opening Ceremony Announcement
Wedding announcement for Dee Mae Bost and William Paul Sell Jr.
Frances Batte wedding announcement article in newspaper (to be married to Everett Linwood Foil)
Graduation announcement of Faye Cline from Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing