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Our current  RESEARCH PROJECT  involves compiling a repository of information on 19th Century Photographers - worldwide.  Please keep in mind, that this is an on-going project and will continue as such for many years.  We hope that our registered members will assist to help make this a huge success.  We encourage members to post comments on individual Photographer pages to include any information you may know and/or to upload photos produced by photographer.  If you have information or images for a photographer not currently listed, please CONTACT us.  If you ever run into any problems posting information, please use our CONTACT form to let us know so that we may assist you.   Please remember that you must be registered on site and logged in to access the photographer information.

If you are looking for information regarding a specific photographer and we do not have anything on site, please let us know and we will try to find information for you as soon as we can.

We do try our best to be as accurate as possible but we do make mistakes so if you notice any incorrect information, please let us know so that we can correct our pages.   We are constantly adding new photographer pages and sometimes they will not have the dates at their locations but please be assured that we will try our best to get these updated!    

We would like to start a new feature to our site and our first entry will be:


We believe that our collection of 19th Century Photographers is unique because we have representative photos for each PHOTOGRAPHER as we have been collecting CDVs & CCs for years.  We also believe that more information can be found on the backs of these photos than anywhere else.  As we move forward in our research, we will continue to post details as we find them which may include any or all of the following:
  • Name of STUDIO and address,
  • HISTORY of studio,
  • BIOGRAPHIC information of photographer,
  • DATES studio was in business at a specific location,
  • IMAGES of their work are included for each photographer,
  • NAMES handwritten on photographs
Some of the image types used by 19th Century Photographers include:

To view you may simply enter the photographer's last name or studio into our search field (upper right hand corner of page), or you could drill down to photographer by first clicking a country in the below list, then state or province, then city and then photographer.

A high resolution copy of any photo that we possess can be purchased for $1.00.  REGISTERED Members may request up to 5 separate copies of photos for free.  We cannot provide copies of photos that members have contributed to the site.   Just send us a note to include the photographer's name and location and description of the photo.  If the photo is one that we possess, we will send an invoice so that you may purchase via PayPal and as soon as payment has been made we will send you a high resolution image via email.  We do not currently have online store capability at this time, but will in the near future.

Just a note:  Why do collectors WRITE their initials, names, addresses and/or price to purchase on the actual photos?  I beg all of those that do this to PLEASE invest in protective sleeves to protect your 100+ year old photos, especially if you plan to resell at some later date.  Most of these CDVs and CCs are over 100 years old.  Why would you want to deface these and thus lower their value?  Please, the protective sleeves are not that expensive and go a long way to help preserving their condition.  Storing in protective archival boxes are also recommended.

Here is the main URL to for both Cabinet Cards and CDVs:


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