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That Americans may never forget their debt of gratitude to those heroes and heroines who offered their lives in defense of their country in her hour of greatest need is the primary purpose of these books. Another purpose is to present a work which will be a source of pleasure to the service men and women and their families and friends; and we believe we are accomplishing this purpose by making it possible for them to have in one-volume, the likenesses of service men and women as they were at the time they were playing their part in the Second World War. Such a work will become more highly treasured with time, because separations will cause the pictures of old comrades to be more cherished in the future.

The publishers wish that their work may not only be a source of pleasure to those who participated in the War, but that it may impress upon all the fact that Americans in the critical period since the attack on Pearl Harbor have shown the same courage and devotion that animated our country's heroes in earlier periods of our history. The nation whose life began with the Declaration of Independence has seen its sons and daughters offering their lives in defense of the four Freedoms wherever they have been threatened by those who would destroy them.

The services and sacrifices of the heroes of 1941 and subsequent years must not be in vain. Our greatest hope is that a new world of freedom and goodwill may be attained. No other goal is worthy of the sacrifices of those to whom so much is owed by so many.

(forward from the Maryland - Delaware Book)

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