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2017-09-18:  We have been collecting POSTCARDS for years and have finally decided to add these to our website.  It may take us awhile to get this project completed but please let us know if you have any questions.

2016-07-19:  We have been working very hard over the last 6 months to post a few thousand new 19th Century Photographer pages.  It has been a slow process, but we are progressing well.  If you run across a photographer where we do not yet have studio dates posted, please let us know and we will try to get these completed.  

2015-05-18:  We have finally been able to dig out our Military Training Books and have starting listing the last names of people that are pictured in each book.  If you wish to have any picture scanned and sent to you please let us know.  We charge $1.00 for each picture found and emailed to you.  


Research at National Archives, Library of Congress, DAR (or other places within DC and metro area):  We now have a researcher on staff that knows the INs and OUTs of doing research in DC so please let us know if you would be interested in using his services.  Please contact for cost.

Your own personal G3 PHOTO GALLERY: If you are looking for a place to store your family photos, we can provide you a G3 gallery that you can manage. Our yearly plan includes setup and unlimited use on a yearly basis. Additional support could include customization and maintenance. View our Giuffre Family Album which provides an example of what we can provide. If interested, please contact us for further details.

SCANNING negatives and photographs. We now have the ability to scan photographs (up to 11x17 inches), as well as film and glass negatives of varying sizes. We can also provide personal online storage of your images using image gallery software that you manage. If you do not have your precious old photos digitized, now is the time to start. It is important to have your most valued old photographs, slides, and/or negatives copied for safe keeping to ensure that future generations will enjoy and know their own personal history.  We are located in the DC metro area if you want to drop off or for us to pick up materials.  Depending on volume, we also offer scanning while you wait!  Please just send us a note to schedule a date and time. 

Preservation of our most precious family items is one of our top priorities. We can help you with your family treasures. If interested, please contact the site Manager for cost estimates. We hope to soon have guidelines on how to handle and store your most precious photos along with supplies that may help you get organized.

Creation of Personalized FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS. This is a new venture so we are still working out the details, but please let us know if you would be interested. You will need to provide all items to be included and we will duplicate and return all original material as quickly as possible. You may provide as much detail as you wish and if you need help, we can provide limited online research if requested.

Creation and maintenance of WEBSITES (Personal, Schools, Clubs, Associations). We can now set up FAMILY or SCHOOL ALUMNI websites and can personalize our services to fit your needs. We have many different options and offer an array of services so please send us a note if you need assistance. We can help with any of the following:

  • scanning yearbooks & newspapers for your school or organization to create searchable PDF files
  • scanning of content (negatives, slides, photos, books, etc)
  • registering domain name
  • hosting of website (integrated options such as membership capability, ecommerce, image gallery, etc.)
  • deployment, maintenance and/or administration of website

2014-10-10: Do you have your own personal family oriented website that you would like to advertise? We would like to try something new and that is to offer a special price of $50.00 to post your banner at the bottom of our site for an unlimited number of displays for ONE YEAR!!! It will rotate with our other banners so subscribe now while we do not have many :-). We welcome school alumni sites, family genealogy sites, family life, personal blogs and if you have any other suggestions, please let us know. Our contact can be found at the top of our page.

YOUNG AMERICAN PATRIOTS from World War II - we now have 7 volumns which include: Maryland and Delaware (combined), North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. These books not only honor those that served our country, but also include a lot of valuable information for genealogists.

For each person, the bio may include their complete name, rank and branch of service, date of birth, where they entered the service, locations where they served, either their discharge service date or date killed in action and where, any awards they may have received, where they went to high school (which of course I will link up to their yearbook if I can), their religion and possibly which church or other place or worship they attended, Mother and Father's names and location and spouse's name and location. Unfortunately most Mother's are identifed as Mrs. Robert White, yet the given name is usually provided for a spouse. Here is an example


Click this link to view all of the books we have or just search on 'Patriots'. Until we have actual images ready to post, please create a comment at the bottom of the Patriots page (you must first be a registered member and logged in to see this capability) to include the name of the person to search along with their first & last name, and the county and state they were from.

We are starting a new IN MEMORY OF ... Section. You can now create a Memorial Page for a friend or family loved one. To do so, a registered member can click the Submit An Article under the 'My Menu'. For registered members, if you do not see this menu on the left hand side, please make sure you are logged into the site. Any other registered member can then comment on your memorial by creating a comment (found at the bottom of the memorial page). If you have any problems, please let us know (see the Contact Us link at top of page)

We are still posting lots of ANTIQUE PHOTOS. If you are interested in photography from the 1850s-1920s then this may be of interest to you as we hope to identify many photographers of that time period along with some of their photos. I also hope to soon have information about the different types of photo's taken during this time period. These photos are grouped by state / city / and then photographer. This means you may want to check out the city where you ancestors lived during this period of time to see if you can find someone that looks familiar. Most do not have names associated with them.

Everytime we find an old Family Picture Album at a flea market or antique store we bring it home, scan it and post it to our site. Here is hoping that you may one day find a relative or recognize the family and will let us know. Please keep checking back at FAMILY ALBUMS ! While we only have a few available right now, be assured that we are scanning daily to post more of these on line (note - we now have many more than the few below)

Unionville Old Family PicturesChadron-HS 1939-CHS Chadron-NE cover of 1884 yearbook 1906 Yearbook for Washington School for Boys