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Founded        prior to 1907
Location Pinegrove Township
District Venango County, PA

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Identification of picture shown on front cover is unknown

Teacher: J. Burton  Beck

Pupils:   Mabel Stuck, Shurl Masters, Nellie Dalley, Pearle Stuck, William Oakes, Burton Lalley, Vida Stuck, Donald Masters, Iva Goodman, Frances English, Inez Miller, Vilma Knick, Edna Gorden, Zella Hiliard, Edna Clark, Elva Oakes, Avon Stuck, Sylvan Hilliard, Jessie Kinch, Roy Hazzelett, John Emery, Gladys English, Ella Kinch, Julia Kenerline, Clifford Stuck, Lester English, Claude Hazzelett, Clarence Hilliard, Albert Kenerline, Iva Kinch, Harry Bigley, Bertha Stuck, Tressie Stuck, Hary Nuhfer, Harold Oakes, Glenn B igley, Floyd Kinch, Dee Miller, Mabel McColl, Vevian English

School Board:  S.H. Hale, A.N. Horn, T.F. Richey, T.A. Baker (President), A.W. Suab (Secretary), and A.C. Schwab (Treasurer)

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