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We are creating a new section on our site which will be dedicated to our military and their service to our country.  


Photos from France (Photographs from John A. McGill)

The 33rd Division - we do not have much material related to World War I, but we will provide information from sources such as "Volume I, an Illustrated History of THE THIRTY-THIRD DIVISION".   This volume includes many names and photos of units of this Division.  We will try to provide a listing of names in the near future.



YOUNG AMERICAN PATRIOTS from World War II - we now have 7 volumes which include: Maryland and Delaware (combined), North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia (Vol. I and II). These books not only honor those that served our country, but also include a lot of valuable information for genealogists.

For each person, the bio may include their complete name, rank and branch of service, date of birth, where they entered the service, locations where they served, either their discharge service date or date killed in action and where, any awards they may have received, where they went to high school (which of course I will link up to their yearbook if I can), their religion and possibly which church or other place or worship they attended, Mother and Father's names and location and spouse's name and location. Unfortunately most Mother's are identified as Mrs. Robert White, yet the given name is usually provided for a spouse. Here is an example.  Note that not all military personnel are present in these books but we will be glad to check any names for our members.


Click this link to view all of the books we have or just search on 'Patriots'. Until we have actual images ready to post, please create a comment at the bottom of the Young American Patriots page to include the first & last name of the person to search along with the state and county they were from (you must be a registered member and logged in to see this capability).

3.  TRAINING - These books are from all branches of the military and were available for the men and women upon completion of their basic or specialized training.  These books are from the 1950s to present day.

4.  DEPLOYMENTS -  These books contain pictures of service men and women onboard various ships or stationed at foreign and domestic locations.  They usually provide images of the area as well as individual pictures of those serving during a specific period of time.

5.  PERSONAL ALBUMS - Compiled by individuals as memories of their time in service

6.  Fort Jackson - four photos of platoons from Fort Jackson


Personal Albums
Young American Patriots
Fort Jackson