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 MAGERS  Mamie E.L. (Born June 23 1888, Died Feb 10 1898)
 daughter of U.G. & Lucinda Magers
   side of above tombstone

 In Memory of

 Samuel (Died March 12, 1893, aged 64 years

 Gone but not forgotten

 MOBLEY  In Memory of
 Julia A. (Died Dec 10, 1904, aged 72 years)
 S.T.M.  Footstone below Samuel MOBLEY
 MOBLEY  Samuel and Julia and footstones
 unknown  unknown grave
 poem  stone with engraving ...
 ... loved is ...
 ... god took him ...
 heavenly home.
 A vacant place to fill

Magers - Mobley Cemetery is located at Corner of Rising Sun Lane & Village Fountain Drive, Fountain Hills Community off Clopper Road Germantown, MD