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I believe this album was compiled by the brother of Elizabeth.  Elizabeth was a nurse stationed at Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th 1941.  This album includes a few newspaper articles about the memories of those days as told by Myrtle Watson and others in Hawaii and about some of the friendships that started and remained throughout the following decades.  One of these closest of friends to Myrtle Watson was Mary Tate Messec who was visiting her naval aviator brother, William and his bride Helene, who were married in Hawaii.

Names mentioned in photos or newspaper clippings:

Myrtle Watson
Elizabeth (Chief Nurse stationed on the U.S. Army Hospital Ship, Blanche F. Sigman, she was the first nurse killed in WWII)
Lt. Spencer
Peg Ferko
Lt. William A. Knell (Bill)
Karlowitz (from Louisiana)
Imbert (from Washington)
Mr. Brooks
Long (from Virginia)
Lloyd Luddington
Hal Decker
Frank Cengak
Charles W. Winkler obituary (2009): son Charles G. Winkler; brothers Paul and Louis Winkler, sisters Dorothy White and Lillian Walters.  His wife, Mildred E. Evanko died in 1980.
Jack Henry
Anne Knell
Ruth Dudy
Thomas W. Flynn
Robert W. Shevies

If anyone knows of any of the above mentioned people, please let us know more about their military duty by adding a comment to the bottom of this page (you must be registered on site and logged in to be able to see and create comments).  

The following photos may not be in the order of the album





Lt. Spencer