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We have found a book titled "The 33rd Division" which provides history of the men and women who served in Units of this Division during World War I in Europe.   It is packed with information and photographs so if you had a family member that served during this era please help us to compile a tribute to their service by creating a comment at the bottom of this page and telling their story and/or providing one or more photos.  

The 33rd Div. marching in Washington, DC.

We will be providing lists of names mentioned in Volume I and are currently looking for Volume II.  If you have one that you could loan or donate to our site please let us know!   The following are a few examples of what this book provides.

Winners of the Distinguished SERVICE CROSS

For more information please see 33rd Infantry Division "The Prairie Division" website where you will find stories, photos, documents and lots of other information from the soldiers that were in this Division.

If you know of a person that was a member of the 33rd Division and wish to have their photo(s) scanned, please send us a name and any other identifying information (if known), and we will perform a search.  If found and if you wish to have a scanned image of the person, we will send you an invoice for $1.00.  When payment is received we will forward to you any pictures found.  Requests may be made by creating a comment at the bottom of this page.

Last names of persons with photographs will be added soon.

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