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Army Air Forces 

The following books are shown above:

Lemoore Army Air Field, Army Air Forces West Coast Training Center, Lemoore CA 

General Henry H. Arnold, Major General Barton K. Yount
West Coast Training Center in Santa Ana, CA
(Major General Ralph P. Cousins, L.A. Walton, Arthur E. Easterbrook, John H. Pirie, Bernard A. Bridget, James F. Powell)

Lemoore Army Air Field, Lemoore CA 1943 (Colonel Donald B. Phillips, Thomas M. Eubanks, Jack A. Richardson, Fred P. Stephens, George D. Smith, T.P. Hinckel, Edward E. Bailie, Elton V. Tognazzini, Howard J. Bechtel and Malcolm J. Buchanan)

Also includes pictures of  individuals from the following groups (please note that last names will be included at a later date):  Arm Services, Nurses, Department of Flying, Department of Training, Squadron Commanders, Flight Commanders, Flying Officers, Cadet Detachment, Ground and Administrative Officers, Air Service Command Officers, Student Officers, Aviation Cadets (Class 43-G and Class 43-H), 88th Base Headquarters and Air Base Squadron (Ordnance and Chemical Units), 99th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 527th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 528th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 529th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 530th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 531st Basic Flying Training Squadron, 532nd Basic Flying Training Squadron, 746th Basic Flying Training Squadron, 858th Signal Service Company, Base Communications, Weather, 909th Quartermaster Company, 1014th Guard Squadron, 36th Army Air Forces Band, Finance Department, Photo Section, Station Hospital and a list of personnel whose photos are not included.

If you know of a person that was attending the above training session(s) and wish to have their photo(s) scanned, please send us a name and any other identifying information (if known).  If found and if you wish to have a scanned image of the person, we will send you an invoice for $1.00.  When payment is received we will forward to you any pictures found.  Requests may be made by creating a comment at the bottom of this page.

Last names of persons will be added soon.

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