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In 1918, 127,000 acres were designated as a US Army reservation.  Water, rail facilities and a Carolina climate together lent themselves to Army needs of the time and on September 4 1918, Camp Bragg, North Carolina, emerged as a field artillery site.  The Camp was named in honor of General Braxton Bragg, former artillery officer, North Carolinian, and a General in the Army of the Confederate States.  In November of 1922, The Field Artillery Board moved to Camp Bragg and in November the installation became Fort Bragg.  Fort Bragg functioned as a replacement training Center and a training site.  In 1942 the first of the airborne units trained at Bragg in preparation for combat.  Fort Bragg was the first Home of the Airborne.

The United States Army Training Center, Infantry, was established at Fort Bragg on May 2, 1966.  Its essential mission is the reception, processing and training of Basic Combat Trainees.  

The following book covers are shown above:

US Army Training Center INFANTRY, Company A, Seventh Battalion, Second Brigade 19-Dec-1969

If you know of a person that was attending one of the above training sessions and wish to have their photo(s) scanned, please send us the first and last name and we will perform a search. If an image if found, we will send you a PayPal invoice for $1.00. When PayPal payment is received we will forward to you any pictures we have found. Requests may be made by creating a comment at the bottom of this page.

Last names of persons for each of the above books will be added soon.

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