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Class of 1933

Dorothy Ahlers from Pittsburgh PA
Virginia Anderson from Oklahoma City OK
Mary Harmon Black from Birmingham AL
Helen Margaret Bowman from Toledo OH
Jo Carter from Russelville AL
Gwendolyn Chamberlin from Memphis TN
Margaret Compton from New Haven CT
Sally Frost from Plattsburg MO
Jane Hall from Nashville TN
Virginia Hall form Mount Sterling KY
Marjorie Hite from Chicago IL
Betsy Johnson from Wytheville VA
Margaret Jones from Hanover PA
Jane King from Johnson City TN
Joanne LaCost from Toledo OH
Yvonne Laughlin from Waco TX
Amelia Martin from Bristol VA
Mary Frances McGeorge from Pine Bluff Arkansas
Ruth Melton from Chickasha OK
Henrietta Myers from Hanover PA
Matilda Plowden from Valdosta GA
Leelia Reynolds from Louisville KY
Mildred Shipman from Shamokin PA
Frances Snipes from Atlanta GA
Sarah Snipes from Raleigh, NC
Suzonne Sperry from Monroe LA


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Founded in 1927 and closed in 1942 due to the war.  The War Department secured the college's buildings and land through a court-imposed settlement of $650,000 which barely paid off the school's mortgage.  
Location The yearbook states that this was in Washington DC (although I believe is physically located in Arlington, VA) 
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Arlington Hall (Washington DC) Class of 1933

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