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Location 2565 George Avenue NW, Washington DC
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1851 Myrtilla Miner founded the 'Normal School for Colored Girls' while slavery was still legal in the District, and was the only school in DC at the time that provided education beyond the primary level to African-American students.  The school moved to several locations in its early years.  The school received financial support from people such as Reverend Henry Ward Beecher, author Harriet Beecher Stowe and Dr. Gamaliel Bailey.  Miner fought dearly for her school and was an avid fundraiser until her death in 1864.  She was born in 1815. From the 1870s to WWII, the school educated the majority of African American elementary school teachers employed by the DC schools and that the school offered a superior education.  The Miner Building (shown above) currently serves as the School of Education at Howard University (Washington DC) and displays a plaque on the front to honor Myrtilla Miner.
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1863 The school's name was changed to the 'Institution for the Education of Colored Youth' due to a new charter from the US Senate. 
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1871-1876 The name 'Miner Normal School' was associated with Howard University
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1929 An act of Congress accredited the school under the name 'Miner Teachers College'.
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1955 The 'Miner Teachers College' merged with the white teacher training school 'Wilson Teachers College (DC)' and became known as the 'DC Teachers College (Washington DC)'. 
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1977 The DC Teachers College (Washington DC), the Federal City College and the Washington Technical Institute combined to become the 'University of the District of Columbia'. 
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