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Founded 1920
Location 1419 F Street, NW, Washington, DC 

Yearbooks - please note that no scans or info will be provided from yearbooks for students that would be under the age of 21 at time of request

none currently available

1924 Commencement Exercises  

Graduates included: Delores Bayliss, Harlene Bissionettte, Beverly Bowie, Joanna Brown, Margo Buckley, Judy Cammisa, Joan Carley, Leila Cunningham, Marsha Daly, Margaret Marshall Davis, Kathryn DeHaven, Marilyn Dietrich, Patricia Donovan, Elizabeth Ferguson, Carol Flickinger, Jerry Floyd, Helen Gibbons, Joanne Gilbert, Linda Gramlich, Dorothy Heflin, Diane Hinchey, Patricia Hite, Wendy Hoar, Janet Holden, Mary Hukill, Judy Hyman, Janis Hamilton Kettle, Eileen Kragh, Dorothy Kreis, Corrine Lewis, Ann Lorah, Ann Maiatico, Mary Marchek, Carol McMahan, Elizabeth Moodispaw, Nancy Neel, Beverly Pearman, Barbara Pevey, Kay Phillips, Alice Porterfield, Ann Price, Ann Reilly, Joanne Rice, Mary Robb, Martha Roberts, Carolyn Rumbaugh, Adrienne Scott, Beverly Shetler, Nancy Shirey, Marcia Short, Eloise Storz, Martha Sturgis, Myra Thayer, Lewis Timberlake, Alice Weickhardt, Caroly, Weickhardt, Margaret Welch, Donna Whitehouse, Mary Willis, Margaret Wiltz, and Joan Workman.

Courses of Instruction included: Stenographic, Gregg Shorthand, Graham Pitman Shorthand, Touch  Typewriting, Office Practice, Shorthand penmanship, Bookkeeping, Elementary Accounting, Commercial English, Commercial Spelling, Commercial Arithmetic, Business Writing, Commercial Law, Multigraphing, Abstracting, Cataloging, Charting, Classifying, Filing and Compiling, Indexing, Listing and Research methods 

Notable Alumni

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